A letter sent to and published by The Patriot-News expresses frustration with the NRA’s refusal to budge on its agenda of “unfettered” access to guns.

Read the full letter at PennLive.

As demonstrated by many polls, the majority of the American public agrees with the idea of background checks, and recent tragedies, including the Newtown and Aurora shootings, have reinforced the call for reasonable gun control legislation in this country.

I also strongly objected to the repulsive, offensive billboard posted by either the NRA or a gun manufacturer on Interstate 81, near the Farm Show exit. It showed a baseball glove, apple pie and an assault riflemeaning what? Are we supposed to think that a gun is as wholesome as apple pie? Seriously?” asks Sheila Heapes of Susquehanna Township.

We should be asking the same question of the NRA.