On December 15th, the Delaware County Daily Times published an article titled Firearms in the Family: Safety a priority for homes with guns. The article raised concerns that many firearms owners should have when storing a gun in the home. The article stated, “There have been 194 children under the age of 12 killed with guns in the U.S. in 2013 with 127 being shot in their own home and 72 of them being shot by another child.”

CeaseFirePA’s Shira Goodman added, “52 of those deaths involved a gun that was left unsecured.” Goodman also stressed the importance of safe practices when storing a firearm in the home. Jeff Wolfe finished his piece by explaining the NRA’s Eddie Eagle program, which aims to teach gun safety to children.

    On December 17th, the Delaware County Daily Times published a guest column written by Goodman explaining that “the Eddie Eagle program referenced in the final paragraph [of the original piece] is not part of the gun violence prevention package CeaseFirePA is advocating for.”

“Children who have gone through such programs, learning not to touch guns and tell an adult if they see a gun, will — when presented with the opportunity — pick up and handle a gun anyway,” Goodman said. You can view the evidence yourself here.