An article by Josh Sugarmann, the executive director of the Violence Policy Center, reiterates what gun violence prevention advocates have been saying for a long time: the National Rifle Association, he writes, is no longer a shooting sports foundation; it has become a “gun industry trade association masquerading as [one].” Its primary agenda has become selling more firearms.

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Since 2005, gun industry “partners” to the NRA have made contributions ranging from $19.3 million and $60.2 million. The NRA’s partners include Remington Outdoor Company, the manufacturer of the Bushmaster assault rifle used at Sandy Hook, and Smith and Wesson, producer of the semiautomatic assault rifle used at Aurora and the pistol used in the recent shooting at Fort Hood.

As Sugarmann says, “the victims of this lethal partnership are the businesses and institutions where shootings take place almost routinely — workplaces, shopping malls, theaters, schools and universities […] these commercial and institutional entities should take a stand on preventing gun violence.”