“Immediately after the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, discussion of safer gun laws consumed the nation. At the time, I thought it was too soon — 26 innocent people had just been slaughtered at the school, and we were mourning. I realize now that I was wrong: It wasn’t too soon — it was already too late.” said Cristina Lafferty Hassinger in an OP/Ed piece today in the Washington Post, which you can read here

Hassinger’s mother was the principal at Sandy Hook Elementary when she was among those killed by an active shooter. She writes of the impact that the death of her mother, Dawn Hochsprung, has had on her life, and questions whether those who are unaffected by gun violence will be compelled enough to act against it. Her call to action urges the American people themselves to actively work against gun violence and for better policies. With enough public support, the legislative stalemate may come to an end.

Gun violence, which has killed over 12,000 Americans in homicides since the tragedy in Newtown, is becoming an all too familiar trend in public places. Hassinger emphasizes the importance of closing the private-seller loopholes and reminds us that 90 percent of Americans support background checks. Like Hassinger, we ask you to join us in working towards these goals to curb gun violence by calling, emailing and demanding our elected officials pass commonsense legislation, including PA H.B 1010.