This past Friday, it was revealed that the Independence Institute and its research director, David Kopel, had received almost $1.5 million over the last eight years from the NRA. However, Mr. Kopel has often purported to be and has been identified as an independent scholar.


Mr. Kopel was among six gun experts who contributed to a New York Times op-ed feature last Friday. Each of them offered opinions on former Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s announcement that he is planning to spend $50 million, “building a nationwide network of advocates to motivatevoters who feel strongly about curbing gun violence.” After the article was posted, many noticed that the following was included in the byline:


David Kopel…is the research director of the Independence Institute, which has received grant money from the National Rifle Association’s Civil Rights Defense Fund. “


This article, featured in Progressive Magazine, goes into increased detail.


The original article, written by David Kopel, can be found here.