The Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence has just released an update to its analysis of new state gun laws. Contrary to recent inaccurate media narratives, gun safety legislation is much more common than one is led to believe, and weakened gun regulations less so:

“Since Newtown, about the same number of laws, 64, would strengthen the state’s gun regulations as those that weakened them, 70, in addition to the 38 newly-enacted gun laws that have a minimal impact on gun violence. However, a strict comparison of these numbers without deeper insight into the substance of the laws and where they were enacted is only half the story. Of the 64 bills enacted to strengthen gun regulation, 8 new gun laws made very significant and, in some cases, sweeping changes to the way the state regulates firearms. Alternatively, only 4 of the laws enacted to weaken gun regulation were significant or sweeping.”

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The data is supported, most importantly, by the growing numbers of everyday Americans who are dedicated to changing our nation’s gun laws. They’ve formed groups including Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, Americans for Responsible Solutions, Sandy Hook Promise, and Texas Gun Sense, to name a few—and they’re not stopping. We can and will continue to work together to save lives.