The ninety minutes of violence perpetrated by Bradley Stone, which prompted a region-wide manhunt, claimed six lives from four generations of a family. Many questions will be asked, and not all of them will have answers—Stone, an ex-Marine who served in Iraq, took his own life in the woods near his home sometime between early Monday morning and Tuesday afternoon.

“But in the end,” states The Mercury Opinion, “there’s no answer for the troubling questions. How are we failing the young men and women who survive war that they suffer mental effects which can lead to harm against themselves and others? How are guns found in the hands of those whose demons push them to enact pain on their loved ones or on random good people? And, how can we in our communities feel safe and protect our own families in a world of all-too-common violence? Tragically, the questions aren’t new. But this time, the cause for asking them has hit close to home.”

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