Looking to find out where your legislators stand on common sense gun policies?

Well, they gave us some information this fall.

Our State Representatives had the opportunity to vote on expanding the background check system to cover the private sale of long guns.  This would have amended into another bill the language of HB 1010, which we’ve been working on all session. It simply made it so that sales of long guns in PA would be subject to background checks in the same manner as sales of hand guns.  This is a measure that 90% of Pennsylvanians support, but the House saw fit to reject it.  Want to know how your Rep. voted? Check out the vote count here.

Both the Reps. and Senators voted on a measure to give special standing to the NRA — and other membership groups — to sue our towns and cities if they enact local gun ordinances, like requiring reporting of lost and stolen guns.  Yes, our legislature gave special legal status to the NRA rather than standing up for towns trying to protect their communities. You can read more about the legislation here, and you can find out with these links how your Representative and Senator voted.