On Saturday, members of the faith-based antiviolence coalition Heeding God’s Call demonstrated once more outside Miller’s Sporting Goods Discount Hunting & Shooting Supplies. The shop was the source of firearms illegally purchased by the first two people convicted under Pennsylvania’s “Brad Fox Law” enacted in 2013. Officer Fox, for whom the law was named, was killed with a gun acquired through a straw purchase in 2012. The law requires a five-year minimum sentence.

“Members of Heeding God’s Call are campaigning against what they describe on their website as the highly developed illegal trade of gun trafficking made possible through ‘criminal entrepreneurs, traffickers, the straw buyers who stand in for them to make their bulk purchases and gun dealers who look the other way and enjoy the profits.’

They apply pressure to gun dealers to sign their Code of Conduct for a ‘Responsible Firearms Retailer Partnership’ that includes videotaping the point of sale, computerizing gun trace logs, accepting only valid federal or state picture IDs and conducting criminal background checks for all employees selling or handling firearms.”

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