On Thursday February 6th, the Senate Homeland Security Committee will be discussing the postal reform bill. — a bill that would put an end to Saturday delivery. Somehow, Senator Rand Paul and the gun  lobby think this bill is the way to weaken gun laws.  On January 29th, Sen. Paul introduced an amendment to the postal reform bill that would end a ban on guns in post offices.  This ban was instituted in 2007 in response to a large number of shootings in post offices. This was such a problem in our country that it gave birth to a term in our lexicon “going postal.”

Lifting the ban on guns in post offices would make us less safe, and is clearly the first step in an effort to undo other regulations about where guns can be carried.  If you think we should let Sen. Paul and the gun lobby know this amendment makes no sense and we will fight efforts to weaken laws that make our communities safer, please Email Senator Thomas Carper (D) of Delaware. Sen. Carper is the Chair of the Senate Homeland Security Committee. You can also tweet him at @senatorcarper, or send him a message on facebook at www.facebook.com/tomcarper.