A pro-gun organization used intimidation while protesting a meeting of a gun safety advocacy group in Texas, according to thinkprogress.org– read the full article here.

Nearly 40 members of the group Open Carry Texas (OCT) assembled in the parking lot of a Dallas restaurant hosting a meeting for the state chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. The OCT members were brandishing guns in the hopes of making a statement by scaring the Moms Demand Action members into cancelling the meeting.

The restaurant manager refused to call the police out of fear of “inciting a riot.” The OCT members maintained their posts for about two hours before dispersing.

Moms Demand Action later released a statement calling OCT “gun bullies” who “disagree[d] with our goal of changing America’s gun laws and policies to protect our children and families.” The statement also claimed that restaurant customers were “terrified by what appeared to be an armed ambush.” An OCT member responded by tweeting, “I guess I’m a #gunbullies #Comeandtakeit.”

This terroristic behavior is unacceptable in a civilized country such as ours. The threat of violence and/or death should never be used as a tool to influence policy or for any matter that can be reasonably discussed between rational parties.