Gabrielle Giffords, gun violence prevention advocate and cofounder of Americans for Responsible Solutions, appeared in Bensalem on Friday at a discussion with Bucks County domestic violence prevention leaders, including representatives from CeaseFire Pennsylvania.

The former congresswoman was seriously wounded after being shot in the head in a 2011 assassination attempt in Tuscon. She is still recovering from her injuries.

Mark Prentice, a spokesman for Giffords’ group, said Giffords wants to close loopholes that allow people federally prohibited from owning firearms to purchase guns in online private sales or at gun shows. She also urges lawmakers to close the “stalker gap.”

“If someone has been convicted of felony stalking, that individual cannot purchase or legally own a gun, Prentice said. However, he added, someone who has been convicted of misdemeanor stalking can pass a background check and buy a gun,” writes Marion Callahan of the Bucks County Courier Times.

“There were 158 domestic violence related homicides in Pa. in 2012, resulting in 107 deaths.”

“60 percent of homicide victims were women and 70 percent of women were victims of intimate partner related homicide in 2012.”

“Firearms were the most common cause of death, accounting for about 50 percent of all domestic violence homicides in PA in 2012.”

“Between 2000-20012, 1,320 victims of domestic violence were killed in PA. 780 of those victims were shot.”

Source: The Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

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