A letter to the editor written by one of our partners and friends, citizen activist Fritz Walker of South Whitehall Township, scoffs at the idea that “anti-gun rights editorials are getting rather tiring.”

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“Here’s what I’m tired of,” writes Walker. “I’m tired of well over 30,000 Americans being shot and killed year in and year out, and another 70,000-plus wounded. I’m tired of 46 women being shot and killed every month by their intimate partners. I’m tired that shootings are the second leading cause of death of children and teens.”

In most shootings affecting children, he adds, another child pulls the trigger, becoming another victim. NRA lobbyists have opposed all laws requiring safe storage of firearms, and cowardly politicians keep defeating life-saving, common-sense, and constitutional legislation.

“I’m not tired of writing letters,” he concludes. “Please expect more.”