On Wednesday, April 2nd, a solider opened fire on military personnel at the Fort Hood military base in Fort Hood, Texas, killing three and wounding sixteen others. Of thos

e sixteen, three remain in critical condition and the remaining are all “seriously injured,” according to Dr. Glen Couchman, the chief medical officer at Scott and White Hospital, where several patients were taken for treatment. Others were rushed to Darnall Army Medical Center, which is not far from the Medical Brigade where the shooting occurred.


The suspected shooter, Spc. Ivan Lopez, walked into a building on the post carrying a .45 caliber semi-automatic weapon that had not been registered with his post. He opened fire around 4 p.m., then got into a car, fired more shots and then went to another building before he was engaged by responding military police. It appears that upon this engagement, Lopez shot himself in the head. Fort Hood was put on lockdown until Wednesday night at about 9 PM Central time.


Lopez had been going through psychiatric evaluation and treatment for “depression and anxiety and a variety of other psychological problems”, said Lt. Gen. Mark Milley, head of the Army’s III Corps at the post. However, the soldier had not yet been diagnosed with anything. There are no reports of him being injured while he was stationed in Iraq, but it does appear that Lopez “self-diagnosed” a traumatic brain injury.


President Obama was notified of the shooting while aboard Air Force One. He commended “military personnel, first responders, and medical staff who responded swiftly and heroically to the horrific shooting.” He also called on “his team to utilize every resource available to fully investigate the shooting.


It was only five years ago that Army psychiatrist Nidal Hasan killed thirteen and injured thirty more at Fort Hood, and less than a year ago that he was convicted and sentenced to death for the deadliest domestic military attack in U.S. history.