In his column in the Huffington Post, Josh Sugarmann claims that guns purchased by women intending to protect themselves from domestic violence may, in fact, be exacerbating the problem (read the full story here).

Using unpublished data from the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Uniform Crime Reports from 2011 (the most recent report available), Sugarmann asserts that in that year, of the 1,707 females murdered by males in America in single victim/single offender incidents, 94% were murdered by men they knew. Of these women, 61% were wives or “intimate acquaintances.” The figure does not include ex-girlfriends, a category that would most likely significantly increase the percentage.

Sugarmann claims, “When it comes to guns and women, firearms are being used to take women’s lives, not defend them” citing that the study revealed over 51% of the homicides were committed with firearms, 71% of which were handguns. No other weapon represented as significant a portion of the homicides.

Citing a different study, Sugarmann states, women living with a gun in the house are almost three times more likely to be murdered than women living in gun-free houses.