Earlier this week, Everytown For Gun Safety released a comprehensive statistical analysis of the 110 mass shootings that have occurred in the United States since 2009—an average of two a month. Although disturbing, the sheer number of shootings is not the most surprising statistic in the report. “The findings reveal a different portrait of mass shootings in America than conventional wisdom might suggest,” the report explains.

Here are some of the key findings:

-“In 57 percent of incidents, the shooter killed a current or former partner or family member.”

-Despite media coverage that suggests otherwise, only 11% of the perpetrators showed signs of mental illness prior to their mass shooting.

Only 14 percent (less than one in six) of these mass shootings occurred in “gun-free zones” – locations where gun carrying is prohibited. The rest of the shootings, an overwhelming majority, occurred in private homes where guns are unrestricted.

-When shooters used high-capacity magazines, they shot 156 percent more people, causing 63 percent more deaths.

-“At least 42 percent of mass shooting perpetrators possessed their guns illegally because they were felons, domestic abusers, or were otherwise prohibited under federal law from having guns.”

The conclusion: what the gun lobby wants to believe about mass shootings is far from the reality. These statistics reveal what we’ve known all along—their stubborn resistance to solving these problems is illogical and unfounded.

For a graphic display of the report’s major findings, click here. You can read the entire analysis here.