Patriot-News Editorial Board

Every school day 2.2 million young Pennsylvanians hitch up their book bags and trundle off to several hours of education in a closed environment. At these times they are in the care and tutelage of teachers and other professionals who have assumed temporary responsibility for their well being.

Good families recognize the boundaries in loco parentis under which their children and their schools must operate. Both sides want the very best for the children, especially regarding their care and safety. The terrible massacre in Connecticut which left 26 dead – most of them children aged 5 and 6 cut down by gunfire in their elementary school classrooms – has drawn a harsh focus on how vulnerable we are to the attack of a well-armed lunatic.

In the scant weeks since this latest horror a national chorus has demanded that more be done to stop gun violence. Congress is already awash in proposals ranging from restricting gun ownership at one end of the spectrum to arming the teachers at the other…

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