This week sees the anniversaries of the massacres at Virginia Tech (4/16) and Columbine (4/20).  Rather than attend a vigil, call for a moment of silence, or recognize the tragedies…the general assembly equipped with their NRA shills passed two pieces of legislation that are offensive, unnecessary, and dangerous.

First, members of the House Judiciary voted for the latest version of Preemption.  Under the watchful eye of the NRA’s PA lobbyist, members of the committee stumbled over themselves to regurgitate talking points from the greedy gun lobby.   They waxed poetic about a case of someone driving from one part of the state to another and accidentally violating a municipality’s gun ordinances.   The fact this case has yet to ever happen didn’t stop them from voting on a bill that would allow ANY membership organization with ANY member who MAY BE eligible to own a gun (No they don’t have to be a gun owner) to SUE ANY township, borough, city, or community that enacts their own gun laws.  Even if THEY HAVE NEVER BEEN THERE.

The vote was  19-6-2.  The full vote count can be found here.  If your Representative voted for this bill contact them and tell them what you think.

Since it has passed out of committee it could come to the full house floor as soon as Monday.  So please call your State Representative and tell them to vote NO on this bill.

Second, was a bill voted on by members of the Senate Education Committee.  The proposed legislation would grant authority to School Boards to determine which of their employees may carry a firearm onto school grounds.  The only additional stipulations are that the employee has a license to conceal/carry and that they undergo training. The bill does not state what an acceptable form of training would be.  Nor does the bill say anything about storage or safety.

When a motion to have a hearing was brought forth it was struck down.  This bill was also voted out of committee and its vote count can be found here.  If you believe that guns don’t belong where your children learn, or that children will find a way to access the firearm, or that the risks associated with accidental discharge are too grave…then please contact them