Everyone loves a tax break, right? But everyone hates when there are special tax carve outs that only apply to certain products or buyers. And everyone in PA is really worried about the budget, so special tax breaks should be really unpopular just about now.

So, why is the PA House of Representatives poised to vote on Amendment A01897 to HB 859 creating a special tax holiday for gun purchases?  Gun sellers certainly aren’t struggling in PA; gun sales aren’t down. Do we really need special incentives to convince people to buy more guns? This is special treatment for one industry that doesn’t need the help.

If we’re going to create special tax breaks, shouldn’t we do it for something that really helps the people of PA, like a tax break on school supplies?  And if we really were creating a special break for the gun industry, wouldn’t it make more sense to create tax breaks for things like gun safes and gun locks, as HB 283 (a bill that is bogged down with lots of amendments) would do?

Please take a minute and ask your State Representative to put common sense first.  Protect our budget and protect our towns, and don’t create special tax breaks that we don’t need.