In the wake of this weekend’s tragedy at Isla Vista, our Reps. in DC. have an opportunity to show us where they stand on background checks and keeping guns out of the wrong hands.

We have learned that Rep. Mike Thompson (D-CA) will be offering an amendment tonight in the US House of Representatives to the FY15 Commerce Justice and Science Appropriations bill (HR 4660).

Rep. Thompson’s amendment will increase funding for NICS (the national background check system) by $19.5 million so that states can get more of their records into the NICS database.  Because of the rules of the House, this amendment will come to the floor tonight and will actually get a vote: finally putting ALL members of the House of Reps “on record” – do they support Background Checks or not?

Can you take a minute to reach out and let your Rep. know you support funding the background check system?

By voting yes on Rep. Thompson’s amendment to the appropriations bill being debated tonight, they will demonstrate that funding the background check system and helping states get their records into that system is critical to our safety.

Tell your Rep. you want to know where he or she stands. Send an email now telling your Rep. a yes vote will show you they’re on the right side.