In a 2013 Mother Jones article, reposted on the magazine’s website yesterday, Dave Gilson sheds light on some of the gun lobby’s most misleading and inaccurate myths.

Gilson dismantles, in particular, the logic behind two commonly espoused narratives: “guns make women safer” and “guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” To do so, Gilson simply reviews the facts. “A woman’s chances of being killed by her abuser increase more than 7 times if he has access to a gun,” he writes. “One study found that women in states with higher gun ownership rates were 4.9 times more likely to be murdered by a gun than women in states with lower gun ownership rates,” Gilson adds.

Gilson also examines state by state data and displays the correlation between gun ownership and gun murders. “People with more guns tend to kill more people—with guns. The states with the highest gun ownership rates have a gun murder rate 114% higher than those with the lowest gun ownership rates,” he explains. He later cites a recent study that examined 30 years of homicide data in all 50 states and found that “for every one percent increase in a state’s gun ownership rate, there is a nearly one percent increase in its firearm homicide rate.”

Read Gilson poke holes in all ten of the gun lobby’s misguided myths, here.