Several states, including Pennsylvania, do not require any sort of gun safety training as a requirement for obtaining a concealed carry permit. Many states are now taking measures to make gun safety training mandatory. In 2009, Virginia deemed online gun safety lessons to be adequate training for gun owners looking to get their concealed carry permit. Currently, states are split on whether or not online courses are as effective as they claim to be. Colorado just passed a law that has banned online-only training, and Oregon is trying to pass similar legislation. The argument for requiring hands-on training is simple- online classes do not teach people how to safely handle a gun. “’With classes over the Internet … you do not have the connection between the use of the weapon and the responsibility of the weapon,’ said Democratic state Sen. Floyd Prozanski, the bill’s sponsor.” However, these hands on classes are expensive and not always convenient especially for those living in rural areas.  The cost of the gun safety class on Online Carry Training is $70, and only requires one to view a thirty-minute video and achieve a score of 70% on a twenty-question test. States will continue to debate whether this is enough to effectively train gun owners.