This Thursday, U.S. District Judge James Boasberg upheld the entirety of D.C’s registration laws, including its one handgun a month limitation. This comes on the heels of the D.C. circuit upholding D.C.’s assault weapons and high-capacity magazine bans.

The court dismissed the gun lobby’s argument that the registration system was invalid because it would be circumvented by criminals. Asserting that the argument made “little sense” and would “invalidate any and all gun laws,” the court stressed that “[a]lthough the various registration requirements at issue will not prevent all criminals from obtaining firearms, it surely will prevent some from doing so. That is enough.”

Judge Boasberg’s extensive, thorough opinion (link here) should provide “a road map for subsequent courts construing gun laws,” according to Lawyers for a Safer America.

The decision is a significant victory for common sense gun laws, which include mandatory firearms safety training for registered gun owners, a limit of one pistol registration per month, and the various administrative aspects of the system, including in-person registration. The court’s decision also reaffirms the idea that, even after the original Heller decision, legislatures still have substantial leeway in enacting rational gun laws in order to protect the public and law enforcement officers.