The Pennsylvania House Judiciary Committee held a public hearing to discuss background checks on state gun sales.  Held by Committee Chairs Republican Ron Marsico and Democrat Thomas Caltagirone, the testimony heard spanned the political spectrum.

Concerned citizen Shawn Kraemer applauded the hearing and expressed her support for House Bill 1010, which was introduced in March of this Year.  The commonsense bill seeks to expand the background check system to cover the private sales of long guns. This will help close an avenue that prohibited purchasers including felons, the adjudicated mentally ill, and domestic abusers used to obtain firearms without background checks.

As Kraemer explains, “Background checks are supported by the facts: states that require background checks on private sales have significantly lower rates of gun violence and gun trafficking. While background checks do not prevent every act of gun violence, they are highly effective at reducing gun violence rates. In 2012 alone, checks conducted by licensed gun dealers prevented approximately 9,500 firearm sales to prohibited persons in Pennsylvania. They have also allowed police in Pennsylvania to apprehend many hundreds of fugitive felons annually.”

Express your support for House Bill 1010 to your legislator now before the September vote.  If you are interested in signing our petition, click here: http://test2.ceasefirepa.orgPA-background-checks