Do we want to live in a country where nothing changes after 82 people are shot in 84 hours in Chicago? Will we just accept “a new normal” where Georgia passes a Guns Everywhere law and on the first day it’s in effect two “good guys with guns” have a showdown in a store?  Are we okay with the fact that last year in America 100 kids died in “accidental shootings?”

I say no.  And I hope you stand with me.  This cannot be the legacy we leave our children.  I know we’ve asked a lot from you but we’re in the last days of our challenge grant. Can you give $50, $100, $250 or $500 today and have it DOUBLED by a generous donor?

Together, we’ve already blocked some of the gun lobby’s most dangerous proposals including eliminating the PA background check system, punishing towns for passing ordinances to keep their communities safer and forcing universities to allow guns on campus and private employers to allow guns in parking lots.

 But we can and must do more.  The gun lobby won’t give up, and while we keep fighting them, we  must mobilize Pennsylvania to support commonsense policies, like expanding background checks. Your support helps us reach more Pennsylvanians with critical information about how we can make PA safer. Can you help us continue to grow and to amplify the voices of those demanding a better PA by contributing $50, $100, $250 or $500 today to help us?

We have a choice to make. I choose change.  I choose action.  I choose a safer PA.  I choose the America we deserve. What do you choose?