Retired Admiral William McRaven, who was the U.S. special operations commander directing the raid that killed Osama bin Laden, has this to say about the idea of allowing concealed handguns on public university campuses:

“’The presence of concealed weapons will make a campus a less safe environment,’ McRaven wrote to the Texas Legislature. Besides accidents and suicides, McRaven said, he’s worried that the system will have a harder time recruiting people from outside the state put off by the proliferation of guns on campus,” writes USA Today‘s Editorial Board.

McRaven is now the chancellor of the nine-school University of Texas System, but the Legislature didn’t listen to his plea. Beginning in August 2016, students who are at least age 21 and who have Texas concealed-carry permits will be able to bring their handguns into campus buildings.

“Gun advocates claim campuses are unsafe, but statistics show that college students are much likelier to be crime victims when they leave school than when they’re on campus. As horrific as campus shootings are, they’re extremely rare. They can be reduced by identifying disturbed students, getting them into treatment, stopping them from buying guns and keeping professional campus security forces at the ready. There are better ways to keep students safe than asking them to settle things at gunpoint.”

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