An article published yesterday by The Times Leader looks at a survey, conducted by CeaseFire Pennsylvania, meant to assess each candidate’s position on “commonsense gun violence prevention measures and the level of importance each candidate attributes to reducing gun violence.” Democratic gubernatorial candidates Rob McCord, Katie McGinty, Allyson Schwartz and Tom Wolf all submitted responses to the survey. Governor Corbett and Republican challenger Bob Guzzardi declined to respond. The survey was “done to educate citizens on the stances of candidates.”

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The survey “found that the responding candidates supported most of the measures that were part of the questionnaire,” including the expansion of Pennsylvania’s background checks to cover private sales of long guns, requiring background checks for ammunition sales and prohibiting the sale of ammunition to those barred from possessing guns, strengthening the requirement that individuals who become prohibited by law from having firearms surrender them, and the retention of PICS. Each responder was also asked to provide additional steps that he or she would take to prevent gun violence.

CeaseFire Pennsylvania is pleased that the responding candidates “all support crucial, commonsense gun violence prevention measures […] Their views are shared by a large majority of Pennsylvanians,” said executive director Shira Goodman. Vice president Phil Goldsmith hailed the “willingness and appetite” to tackle the gun violence issue.