CeaseFirePA today announced that it believes 2013 will be a year of action against gun violence in Pennsylvania and the U.S. Executive Director Shira Goodman participated in today’s meeting of the President’s Gun Policy Task Force with Vice President Joe Biden and Attorney General Eric Holder. Goodman said, “CeaseFirePA is honored to be among the gun violence prevention organizations and victims’ advocates who engaged in a critical discussion about the urgent problem of gun violence and common sense steps we can take to fight it.”

As President Obama and Vice President Biden have both acknowledged, this is a complex problem, but the difficulty in solving it is no excuse for inaction. “Pennsylvanians and Americans are demanding that our leaders take action. We must make our voices heard so that our elected officials have no choice but to enact common sense gun regulations that make our communities safer.”

In the meeting, Goodman raised the troubling fact that while Pennsylvania has 500,000 mental health records in the Pennsylvania Instant Background Check System, only one of those records has been shared with the national database. She explained that the failure of Pennsylvania and other states to fully participate in the national instant background check system puts Americans everywhere at risk.

CeaseFirePA is holding a Day of Action in Harrisburg on January 23, 2013 at 12 p.m. in the East Wing of the PA State Capitol. We hope Pennsylvanians from across the Commonwealth will join us in demanding a common sense plan of action.