CeaseFirePA today published a letter to the editor in the Philadelphia Inquirer criticizing the earlier published op-ed by John Lott, known advocate for the gun lobby. Lott had argued that in the face of new technology like 3-D printers, gun regulations don’t make sense.  CeaseFirePA countered this myth, urging that action is the answer.  We noted “With tough problems like gun violence, we can be innovative or we can say there’s nothing to be done.”  We argued for action, noting that Lott likely fears the action he sees in state legislatures regarding expanding background checks, requiring gun owners to report if their guns are lost or stolen, and limiting magazine capacity. We also pointed out that contrary to Lott’s claims (as well as the claims of another letter writer today), defensive gun uses — where a good guy with a gun prevents a shooting by a bad guy — are much less common than Lott claims. Finally, we pointed out that the research shows that more guns lead to more armed crimes, not to safer communities.