CeaseFirePa and Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America have postponed a planned event outside the Hatboro office of Rep. Tom Murt designed to ask him to cosponsor HB 1010, the PA bill that would expand background checks to cover the private sale of long guns. The postponement followed the agreement of Rep. Murt to meet with constituents, CeaseFirePA, and Moms Demand Action to discuss HB 1010 and to reconsider whether he will sign on as a cosponsor.

Advance media coverage highlighted Rep. Murt’s support for the bill: “Every time a gun changes hands, there should be a background check. We don’t want any weapon – whether it’s a handgun or a long gun – to get into the hands of someone who shouldn’t have it,” Murt said. But CeaseFirePA’s Goodman explained the goal was to have the Representative sign on as a cosponsor:

“We need more. There’s a lot of people saying they’ll vote for it if it comes to the floor. . . . But we need overwhelming support to show the people want this, just to get it to a vote.”

In the Hatboro-Horsham patch report of the postponement, Rep. Murt again explained his support for the bill: “I support that bill. . . . I support House Bill 1010 as it stands so I’m not sure why the rally was called at my office.” CeaseFirePA and Moms Demand Action are pleased to have the opportunity to meet with Rep. Murt to build on this support.