Today CeaseFire Pennsylvania unrolled a statewide, direct mail ad campaign to promote the organization’s recent report on the positions of the Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidates on gun violence prevention policies.

“People want to know where these candidates stand on gun violence prevention,” said CeaseFire Pennsylvania Executive Director Shira Goodman. “Our campaign will give the voters information they need to make crucial decisions. Candidates need to know that the gun lobby aren’t the only folks watching.”

You can view an example of the mail pieces here.

Lieutenant Governor Candidate Survey

CeaseFire Pennsylvania also sent questionnaires to the Lieutenant Governor candidates and compiled their responses. The report includes an assessment of Harrisburg Councilman Brad Koplinski, Bradford County Commissioner Mark Smith and State Senator Mike Stack, who each unequivocally supported every proposal presented.

Brad Koplinski: 100%

Mark Smith: 100%

Mike Stack: 100%

Each of the candidates who responded also issued strong statements outlining their plans for advancing such measures if elected.

CeaseFire Pennsylvania is pleased with the clear support and commitment demonstrated by these candidates for common sense gun violence prevention measures.  A chart and the full responses of the candidates can be found here:

CeaseFire Pennsylvania is disappointed that three candidates did not respond: incumbent Lieutenant Governor Jim Cawley, former Congressman Mark Critz and State Representative Brandon Neuman.

“We are disappointed that these candidates failed to take the opportunity to inform the public about their views on this critical subject,” said CeaseFire Pennsylvania Vice President Phil Goldsmith.

“Gun violence prevention is a critical issue for Pennsylvania. Those who hope to lead our state into the future must be prepared to discuss, debate and provide clear plans for how they will reduce gun violence.”