Gun violence kills more than eighty-nine Americans a day, and the CDC’s hands are still tied by Congress, even after President Obama directed the CDC to resume gun violence research in 2013.

“Since 1996, the federal government has spent $240 million a year on traffic safety research and since 1970 we have been able to save 360,000 lives. During the same period, there has been almost no publicly funded research on gun violence, which kills the same number of people every year. As a result, many questions remain unanswered on the most effective ways to prevent gun violence,” writes David Berman, DO, FAAP.

“This is an emotional issue for all us and everyone has his or her own belief regarding a solution. Many believe that gun policy would only have a negative impact on law-abiding gun owners while others believe that strong policy is needed to reduce gun violence. However, belief systems cannot be used to develop effective injury and public health policy. Effective policy can only be developed with evidence-based, scientific research.”

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