My name is Lynne Honickman  and I am a proud board member  of  CeaseFirePA who hopes to amplify the voices of whole communities calling for an unrelenting, determined end to gun violence. To that end, I am thrilled to announce that the Honickman Foundation is offering a challenge grant, with a lead contribution of $100,000 to match your contribution to CeaseFirePA.   

Gun violence has become a public health crisis producing horrendous stress in our health system…our communities…our families…our children. Working with CeaseFirePA  will help make a less violent future a reality.

Gun violence, whether directed at a member of Congress or a child walking home from school, happens because our elected officials have made a series of deliberate policy judgments that guns should be easy to buy, sell, and carry by nearly anyone, anywhere, any time.

We are trying to build a stronger ground force to compete with the NRA’s dominance in our state – and our nation. We are going to fight on the ground in Harrisburg and in communities large and small to keep families safe from senseless gun violence. But we can’t do it alone. We need you to stand with us. 

No contribution is too small to help us fight back. And because of this matching grant, your contribution will be immediately doubled!

Each of us has to look inside and ask ourselves if we’re willing to stand up and demand better from our elected officials.  And if they don’t hear us, won’t comply, remain unwilling to represent us, they must step aside—or—we can vote them out.

On behalf of CeaseFirePA, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for what you have already done.