Bob Simons, an Army veteran and educator who lives in Yardley, believes Washington needs to follow the example set by Pennsylvania in order to prevent gun violence.

Read the opinion piece at PennLive.

In 1998, Pennsylvania began using a system that provides instant access to background records to determine who is eligible to purchase a firearm. The state also has background checks on handguns, even at gun shows.

Simons recently joined Veterans for Responsible Solutions, a gun violence prevention group. He writes:

Our group is not only comprised of proud veterans who have experience with firearms, but also people on every end of the political spectrum including Republicans and Democrats. Reducing gun violence should not be a partisan issue and Pennsylvania has shown the nation both parties can come together on this sensitive issue.”

We at CeaseFirePA hope to work with more people like Mr. Simons, who understands the need to balance “our Second Amendment rights and our responsibility as Americans to ensure a safer country for all.”