Thomas Honeyman is not a legislator or a lobbyist—he’s just a concerned citizen from Belmont Hills, PA who’s sick and tired of the gun violence that is plaguing our country. In yesterday’s Philadelphia Inquirer, Honeyman penned a concise and powerful letter urging our representatives in Washington D.C. to take action in the wake of yet another mass shooting which took place in suburban Houston last week.

Honeyman cites, in particular, the need to close dangerous loopholes that allowed Ronald Lee Haskell, a domestic abuser who had been arrested for assaulting his wife, to legally own and use a firearm. “Expanding background checks on commercial gun sales and closing loopholes in existing domestic-violence laws might have prevented Haskell from carrying out this horrific crime,” writes Honeyman. “At what point will Congress show some common sense and put to work the solutions sitting on their desks in Washington?”

In the face of Congress’ failure to act upon this pressing issue, Honeyman argues that it’s up to us, as citizens, to take action and demand change. Follow his lead by writing to the Philadelphia Inquirer about the need for more background checks on gun sales, here. To read Honeyman’s full letter, click here.