A letter to The Altoona Mirror reaffirms what we at CeaseFirePA already know: that the irrational fear of total gun prohibition often espoused by Second Amendment absolutists is completely unfounded.

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“No one has ever come for my guns,” writes Cresson’s Joe Hill. “No one has ever stopped me from buying a gun. No one has ever stopped me from owning a gun with a legitimate sporting purpose. Until the paranoia of a segment of gun owners is replaced by reasoned and logical thinking, the carnage will continue.”

Mr. Hill adds that he’s gone through the Brady Law background check, and it was painless. “Frankly,” he says, “I don’t see how waiting a week to ensure my minimal fitness to own a gun denies me my rights. The old straw man argument of a ‘gun owner’s database’ is hockum [sic].” And generally, background checks actually only take a few minutes.

He also points out that if the government actually wanted to confiscate guns from every single gun owner in the country, it could start by obtaining the NRA members’ list. But that hasn’t happened.

His letter closes with a simple question:

“How much blood will it take for the ‘guns at any cost’ crowd to realize that there are sane, reasonable restrictions on every right an American citizen has? Why should guns be different?”