In the aftermath of this week’s shooting at Umpqua Community College in Oregon, State Rep. Madeleine Dean (D., Montgomery) asks why many presidential candidates aren’t batting an eyelash.

“The reflexive reaction of those who would lead is not outrage for our fellow human beings — it is calculating, cowardly inaction. It is the reflexive reaction to carry the water of the gun lobby and gun manufacturers at the price of losing one’s soul. I am stunned by the lack of humanity, the lack of compassion, the lack of urgency to prevent carnage. And if this rote, measured, soulless reaction is not a disqualifier of a presidential candidate, I do not know what is. Something can be done.”

There are measures we can implement at the state level, including ones that would close the loopholes in background check laws, such as Pennsylvania’s HB 1010. We can also pass gun violence restraining order legislation, like Pennsylvania’s HB 1030, “which would give family members or friends the chance to petition the court to temporarily take guns away from someone who may not have a mental diagnosis but is clearly in extraordinary and dangerous distress.”

Let’s show the politicians sitting on their hands that gun violence isn’t “stuff [that] happens.”