Today, The Scranton Times-Tribune published a piece highlighting the folly and hypocrisy of extreme gun-rights activists who made death threats against a Maryland gun shop owner preparing to sell the nation’s first “smart gun.”

Andy Raymond of Engage Armament in Rockville wanted to sell the Armatrix iP1 handgun “because he believed it would expand the market by appealing to people who would want the safest possible gun.”

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The firearm contains a computer chip that communicates with a watch. If it is not in electronic contact with the watch, the gun will not fire.

“According to the gun-rights activists who threatened Mr. Raymond, gun rights do not accommodate that level of safety. Selling the technology, they fear, would prompt the federal government to require it in all guns. Better to deny the right to bear arms to some people than to risk the extraordinarily remote possibility that the government somehow would require retrofitting of more than 300 million guns already in circulation,” writes the Times-Tribune‘s editorial board.