Tara Leo Auchey asked Harrisburg City Solicitor Neil Grover to answer some questions about the lawsuits facing Harrisburg, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Lancaster, and about Harrisburg’s gun laws. Grover explains that Act 192 grants the legal standing, which is required to sue over these ordinances, to individuals and groups who aren’t even based in Pennsylvania. Harrisburg’s gun ordinances, he adds, are not there to remove rights; they exist to protect the city, and they’ve been around for a long time.

In addressing why outside groups are attacking Pennsylvania’s gun laws, he said:

“These gun groups and people aren’t addressing the issues cities face – people being murdered with illegal guns. They seem callous and indifferent to human suffering. They accuse the people we’re asking to protect us to be criminals by enforcing laws that protect us. They believe they can and should challenge the laws our cities put in place, some that have existed for decades. The people suing aren’t concerned about what’s going on in the cities or how these ordinances are intended to make the public safer. And remember, Act 192 allows people to bring these cases to seek money, at least for their lawyers. So it has cost them nothing; they risk nothing.”

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