Act 192 continues to wreak havoc across Pennsylvania. At least twenty communities, including Jenkintown, have repealed local gun ordinances because they cannot afford to defend them in court.

“They gave us a choice between financial solvency and safety,” said Jenkintown Mayor Ed Foley. “We have a very small budget in this town and we really can’t afford to defend a lawsuit against an organization with deep pockets like the NRA. We really had no choice but to rescind this ordinance and take it off the books.”

Emboldened by the legal standing (and the chance at paid legal fees) given to them by Act 192, the NRA and other gun rights groups are suing towns all over Pennsylvania—including Lancaster, where Mayor Rick Gray has vowed to fight back.

“I think the NRA has just overstepped so far here that it’s almost a level of ridicule,” Gray said. “Most gun owners support what we’re doing. They don’t understand the NRA’s opposition to reporting lost or stolen guns. And the response is, ‘Why wouldn’t I report it?”

Lancaster, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh have gone to court to have Act 192 vacated on procedural grounds because the measure was attached to a bill on scrap metals. They argue that this violates the state constitution’s requirement that a bill must pertain to only one subject.

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