As 2016 comes to a close, we want to offer some thoughts, hopes and a prayer for 2017. Pennsylvania went to sleep last night with the news of State Trooper Landon Weaver shot in the line of duty while responding to a domestic violence situation and many families across PA and the nation woke up to news of tragic losses. This, unfortunately, is nothing new. Every day brings terrible news, more losses, more empty seats at too many tables.

But we are not powerless or without hope. We know there are ways to reduce the toll of gun violence, to lessen the tragedies, to save lives. We’ve faced tough issues and problems before, and we’ve found ways to solve them. Americans are innovative, creative, and relentless.  Our stick-to-it-ness is one of our national treasures. We just need to channel all this know-how, energy and good will into solving this problem.

Standing with you, we work for this every day. And we pledge to continue the fight.

Thank you for standing with us. We hope and pray that 2017 brings health, happiness, and peace to all of you. For those mourning today, our hearts are with you.  You inspire us to keep working and fighting.

The CeaseFirePA Family