Tomorrow, July 20, marks five years since the horrific shooting in Aurora. Five years since seventy people were shot and twelve killed at a movie theater.  Five years in which we have suffered countless shootings at schools, churches, community centers, night clubs, homes, and businesses.  Five years in which Congress — and the state legislature in Harrisburg — have failed to act to make our communities safer.

The victims and survivors of Aurora deserve better and more. They deserve action. They deserve voices raised in protest against the silence and inaction of our leaders.

Every day that passes with another 92 lives lost to gun violence, every year that we add solemn, horrific anniversaries to the calendar, should be to our shame.

With you, we are working every day to honor them with action, to demand more in their names and in their memories. We ask you to remember and to pledge to demand more and to do more.

Those lost at Aurora, and those whose lives forever changed that night had gathered together in one of America’s traditions — going to the movies to see the newest hit, to be entertained in a crowded theater among our friends and neighbors. We deserve the right to be safe and to feel safe in our movie theaters, and in all the places we go to play, pray, work, learn and be together.