On Thursday, people gathered to listen to two speakers, each representing one side of the gun issue, engage in civil discourse. Advocating for common-sense legislation for gun purchases and ownership was Shira Goodman, CeaseFirePA’s executive director. Jonathan Goldstein, firearms attorney and NRA supporter, spoke out for gun rights. The event was sponsored by the Lancaster Interchurch Peace Witness Group and CeaseFirePA.

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Both Goodman and Goldstein agreed that gun laws can be confusing. In Pennsylvania, Goldstein said, “a person with three DUI convictions in five years can own guns, but may not buy new ones. However, under federal law, those same three DUI convictions means the person may own no guns at all.”

The two speakers disagreed on a state law allowing gun owners to sue cities if they feel the municipality’s ordinance is unfair.

Ms. Goodman ended with an appeal to area residents interested in stronger gun laws, asking them to speak to their elected officials:

“I know the ones in this area have not historically been very supportive of more guns regulations, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need to hear from you. They need to know there are people here who disagree with what they’re doing, and who care about it. That makes a difference.”