Elections 2014

CeaseFire Pennsylvania, the advocacy arm of CeaseFirePA, has made the following endorsements for the 2014 elections. Endorsement decisions were based on an assessment of candidate surveys, voting records of incumbents, and the priority ascribed to the gun violence agenda by the candidates in their public statements and actions.


In the race for governor, CeaseFire Pennsylvania endorses Tom Wolf. In his answers to the CeaseFire Pennsylvania candidate survey during the primary, Mr. Wolf demonstrated support for key initiatives that will help keep guns out of the hands of those who should not have them and reduce the flow of illegal guns into our streets. These measures, like expanding background checks and mandatory reporting of lost and stolen guns, help to accomplish this and do not burden the rights of law abiding gun owners. Governor Corbett declined to answer the candidate survey.

Governor Corbett has not prioritized making our families safer from gun violence. Pennsylvania needs someone in the Governor’s mansion who puts safety first, and we believe Tom Wolf is the right person for the job.


In the races for State Senate, CeaseFire Pennsylvania endorses:

2nd District Christine Tartaglione
4th District Arthur Haywood
6th District Kimberly Yeager-Rose
8th District Anthony Hardy Williams
10th District Stephen Cikay
22nd District John Blake
24th District Jack Hansen
26th District John Kane
28th District Linda Small
40th District Mark Aurand
42nd District Wayne Fontana
44th District Kathie Cozzone

The race in the 12th Senatorial District features two candidates with promising positions on the gun violence prevention issue. In both his response to our questionnaire and in a recent vote in the Senate, incumbent Republican Senator Stewart Greenleaf expressed support for key initiatives including expanding background checks to cover the private sale of long guns and opposing proposals to grant special legal standing to individuals and groups like the NRA to sue towns that take measures to protect their communities. However, in the days leading up to the Senate vote, Greenleaf did not clearly stand up in support of these positions. While he voted the right way, we hope that if reelected, he will be less coy in his actions and become a courageous leader on the issue of gun violence prevention. Challenger Democrat Ruth Damsker scored 100% on our survey, supporting additional measures including lost and stolen reporting, background checks for ammunition and limits on magazine capacity. Damsker has also made gun violence prevention a key issue in her campaign.

We recognize that the voters of the 12th District have two good candidates to choose from. CeaseFire Pennsylvania is not endorsing one over the other.


In the races for the State House, CeaseFire Pennsylvania endorses:

District 6 Juanita Shutsa
District 19 Jake Wheatley, Jr.
District 20 Adam Ravenstahl
District 23 Dan Frankel
District 24 Ed Gainey
District 31 Steve Santarsiero
District 42 Dan Miller
District 53 Dorothy Miller
District 61 Kate Harper
District 70 Matthew Bradford
District 74 Josh Maxwell
District 94 David Colon
District 95 Kevin Schreiber
District 96 Mike Sturla
District 103 Patty Kim
District 127 Thomas Caltagirone
District 132 Mike Schlossberg
District 135 Steve Samuelson
District 136 Robert Freeman
District 140 Robert Galloway
District 141 Tina Davis
District 146 Mark Painter
District 148 Mary Jo Daley
District 149 Tim Briggs
District 153 Madeleine Dean
District 154 Steve McCarter
District 156 Sandra Snyder
District 157 Warren Kampf
District 158 Chris Ross
District 159 Thaddeus Kirkland
District 160 Whitney Hoffman
District 163 Vince Rongione
District 164 Margo Davidson
District 165 Bill Adolph
District 166 Greg Vitali
District 167 Anne Crowley
District 168 Tom Killion
District 170 Brendan Boyle
District 172 Kevin Boyle
District 174 John Sabatina
District 175 Michael O’Brien
District 180 Angel Cruz
District 181 Curtis Thomas
District 182 Brian Sims
District 183 Terri L. Powell
District 184 William Keller
District 185 Maria Donatucci
District 186 Jordan Harris
District 188 James Roebuck
District 194 Pamela DeLissio
District 198 Rosita Youngblood
District 200 Cherelle Parker
District 201 Stephen Kinsey
District 202 Mark Cohen
District 203 Dwight Evans

There are several districts where challengers who have scored extremely well on our questionnaire and expressed support for key gun violence prevention initiatives are facing incumbents who recently have taken important votes in favor of expanding the Pennsylvania background check system and against favored standing for groups like the NRA to sue towns and cities that have taken action to protect their communities. In these races, we faced tough decisions, but have determined to endorse incumbents whose recent votes demonstrated alignment with expressed policy priorities of CeaseFire Pennsylvania.

In District 157, this leads us to endorse incumbent Republican Warren Kampf, who is being challenged by Democrat Marianne Moskowitz. Similarly, in District 158, we endorse incumbent Republican Chris Ross, who is being challenged by Democrat Susan Ruzcidlo.

In District 161, the race features two strong candidates who have expressed support for many of the policies we favor to reduce gun violence: but we are not endorsing either. Incumbent Republican Joe Hackett has been an important leader on expanding background checks; unfortunately he recently voted in favor of giving the NRA special standing to sue local municipalities. Challenger Democrat Leanne Krueger-Braneky is a strong advocate for gun violence prevention and received a 100% score on our questionnaire. In short, we believe the voters of District 161 have two good choices, and we are not endorsing one over the other.