We’ve talked a lot about the legislature’s gift-wrapped policy giveaway to the NRA that allows them to sue our towns because they’ve passed local ordinances to keep our communities safe.

When we first started talking about these groups coming in and suing our towns, gun groups called our rhetoric alarmist. Well, the law’s only been in effect for a few weeks, and already at least four cities have been sued, and nearly 100 more have received letters threatening lawsuits. And under Act 192, you could be paying the bill for these frivolous lawsuits.

We’re not done fighting though. We know this legislation was passed unconstitutionally, and we’ll fight to the very end to have it thrown out. We’re standing with cities who have pledged to defend their ordinances. And we know many towns that are considering rescinding ordinances are also planning to reinstate them in the future when Act 192 is ruled unconstitutional.

We want to thank you for standing with us in this fight. We’ll keep working with you to write letters to the editor, let your mayors and town council people know where you stand, and tell your elected officials in Harrisburg how angry you are. For now, if you’re active on facebook, please download and share the image in this email. It’s a simple way to show what Act 192 is all about.