We know you share our anger, sadness and frustration that every day, every single day, there’s another report of a mass shooting, or a school shooting, or a fatal domestic violence incident, or a tragic accident of a child finding a gun in the home.  That’s not to mention the daily toll of gun violence on communities across PA and the nation.  In fact, CeaseFirePA has an op-ed about this frustration in today’s Philadelphia Inquirer. But, as many of you have asked us in recent days, what can we do? And, does what we do even matter?

The answer is that there is lots we can do, and it does matter. We know that your calls, emails and visits to your legislators are working.  That’s why 16 out of 18 U.S. Reps. from PA voted to increase funding for the National Background Check System. That’s why we’re going to keep seeing the “guns in parking lot” amendments ruled out of order.  That’s why the Philadelphia delegation to Harrisburg yesterday told the NRA “no deal” on a bill to punish towns and cities that are taking steps to make their communities safer in the face of Harrisburg’s inaction.

But we can and must do more. There are many more Pennsylvanians who could join our work, who could join the growing mass calling for change. We need your help to reach them. Share this email and the image attached — whether by forwarding it, posting on FaceBook, tweeting, or printing it out and hanging it at the water cooler.

You are the best chance we have to get your friends, neighbors and family members engaged. Your trusted voice sharing the message and leading the way are what will help us continue to grow this army of mothers, fathers, sons and daughters fighting for change.

The stronger we are, the louder we are, the more we show we won’t back down — these are what strike fear in the hearts of the gun bullies. Their weapons are fear and intimidation; ours are love and hope.  We know what will win.

Thank you.


Don’t forget, we are in the midst of a $50,000 challenge grant from the Honickman Foundation. We’re well on our way to making that match, and every gift helps.