Yesterday, CeaseFirePennsylvania went to Harrisburg to speak out against gun violence and for HB 1010, which would expand the state’s background check system to cover the private sale of long guns. While background checks are required for private sales of handguns, they are not currently required for private sales of long guns such as rifles, shotguns, and semiautomatics.

“We are trying to send a message that the legislature should be working on items to keep Pennsylvania safer,” said executive director Shira Goodman. “One of those is expanding background checks in Pennsylvania to cover the private sale of long guns: rifles, shotguns and semi-automatic guns. There is a bill in the house that would eliminate that exception and make the background check necessary.”

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The state House is also planning to consider HB 2011. It would allow any individual, and any organization of gun owners, to sue any municipality that passes local gun ordinances. CeaseFirePA is working to defeat the bill, as the group believes it is a way for gun groups to punish municipalities for taking steps to protect their communities.