CeaseFirePA: “It is Time for Harrisburg to Respond to the People”

Harrisburg, April 23, 2013 — CeaseFirePA today called on the Pennsylvania legislature to stand up for Pennsylvanians by enacting commonsense laws to reduce gun violence, stop the flow of illegal guns into our communities and keep guns out the hands of those who should not have them. CeaseFirePA Executive Director Shira Goodman explained, “Pennsylvania is calling for change, and it is time for our elected officials in Harrisburg to respond to the people.”

On the same day that a “Second Amendment appreciation” rally was held in the Capitol, CeaseFirePA reiterated that commonsense gun laws like background checks, required reporting of lost or stolen firearms and tougher penalties for gun crimes do not infringe anyone’s rights. “Law abiding gun owners should join in our work,” urged Goodman, “because we are focused on taking steps that keep guns out of the wrong hands and make us all safer.”

Pennsylvanians understand that the gun lobby uses money and a broad network to perpetuate myths, lies and baseless fears. “But as mothers and fathers continue to transform themselves into citizen activists and join together with a focused message and a resounding voice, they are demonstrating that they are a powerful force that cannot be ignored,” said Goodman.

Change is coming, and Pennsylvania is leading the way. The support of Senators Toomey and Casey was just the beginning. “Pennsylvanians are counting on their elected representatives in Harrisburg to do the critical work to make us safer.”

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