In addition, Mothers In Charge works with elected officials on legislation to support safe neighborhoods and communities for children and families and collaborates with community and faith based organizations.  Mothers In Charge will advocate for families affected by violence and provide counseling and grief support services for families when a loved one has been murdered. Mothers In Charge is comprised of impassioned mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and sisters who are committed to working towards savings lives. Most of the members have experienced the horror of having a son or daughter or loved one murdered. Because of the death and the life of their loved one, each mother and member is committed to saving lives and preventing another mother from having to experience this terrible tragedy.

Each mother, sister, aunt, or grandmother brings a special gift to this organization and its mission. Their passion and drive comes from within because each one of these brave women has somehow found the strength to attempt to turn a personal tragedy into a medium for change. They realize that positive change cannot happen within communities without addressing the issue of senseless and random violence. They know that in the names of their lost sons and daughters, they can and must serve as the catalyst for change.