The PA legislature is back in session for the last few days before the election break. We’re hearing the House will vote today on the new version of HB 1243, which now is basically all about special standing for the NRA and other groups to sue our towns and cities.

Your hard work has been frustrating the gun lobby all session — that’s why they keep changing their plans about how to pass this bill. But make no mistake, this special standing legislation is their top priority, and we must stop it.

We need to keep focused on the Senate. We know they’ve been hearing us — your calls, emails and visits are getting noticed. Can you take another minute today to call Senator Stewart Greenleaf, Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, and tell him you oppose this bill?

The bill would come to his committee first, so he has a lot of say in how fast everything happens. Let him know that you think this is a bad policy for PA.

Senator Stewart Greenleaf


Here’s a sample script:

My name is ______ and I’m calling the Senator because as Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, he has some control over how HB 1243 will move in the Senate. The House turned what was a good bill into a bad one by making this bill all about special standing for groups like the NRA to sue our towns.  I want my town to be safe, and I don’t want to pay for these lawsuits.  I want Senator Greenleaf to stand up for a safer PA.

Thanks, and if you have an extra minute, reply to this email and let us know how your call goes.